Do you have mirror in your bathroom???

Everyone should have full size mirror in their bathroom... Mirror never lie...If you want to see how is your physical appearance set mirror in bathroom today...Whole day we observe people, we do criticize them, we appreciate them, but what about us?

What can show you how exactly you are ?? Answer is Mirror and Inner

Later, we will discuss about inner, today let us talk about mirror....

Tum lakh chahe pesh karo apni safaai magar
aaina samne rakh dunga to phir kya hoga?

What to do with mirror when you are relaxing in bathroom??

  • Cherish and see how you look when you are happy
  • Sing loudly and see how funny you look singing
  • Make faces and be happy observing you as a child again

  • Observe yourself naked and realize the need of gym, realize the need of healthy diet and exercise for your uneven body shapes..
  • Give a speech and see how effectively you are presenting issues

It looks funny?? Yes, It is funny.... and fun is fundamental right to stay happy... start the day with happiness... Let other family members shout standing in the queue, Don't come out from the bathroom...My 11 year son is doing the same... He is the happiest man on this earth...

This is one of the method of meditation of morning.... try it.... Recharge yourself before you start facing the world today...

Stay cheerful... May Maa Kaamal Bless you

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