Girls are sincere and well trained , Hope for more betterment

Dr. Nayan Bhatt

All of your students have basic knowledge of vitals (Theoretical )but I think more focus should be given on knowledge of pregnancy and deliver. I have gone through their books, it is very well described

Dr. Asha Bhatt

GOOD AIM AND BEST OPORTUNITY. done by Maa Kaamal Team.

Prakash Patil

Your Staff (Nursing Students) are good with their work and doing committed duties in our hospital

Dr. Piyush Tejani

Staff from your center are very hardworking and all are honest

Dr. Nilkamal Patel

Staff well behaved, mannerred, Training given is good, well- co operative, Do allow trainee staff for more practical exposure, Do teach them basic English more effectively.

Dr. Dilip Dholaria

Two staff trainee nurse sent through your organization is very good in their manner and professionalism., trainee, You should work more to train them for English Terminology

Dr. Shivshankar Yadav

Hi I am Alka,

I simply want to thank Maa Kaamal to make my life wonderful.

Maa Kaamal gave me opportunity to stand on my own feet. I have completed my nursing from Maa Kaamal in 2014 and since 2015 I am working in 108 Emergency Services. My Father is so proud on me and it's  just because of Maa Kaamal.

Again, Thank you..

patient 6