Gangamaa Charitable Trust

Ganga Maa Charitable Trust

Ganga Maa Charitable Trust

Ganga Maa Charitable Trust has been established by Laljibhai Ramjibhai Jitya an elite social personality to deliver helping hands to the deprived class of our society. The organization's primary focus is on women's empowerment and upliftment of Scheduled Cast and Scheduled Tribes.

Ganga Maa

All of the trust's management trustees are convinced that our organization is on the right track, and they are devoting their time and efforts to achieving the social contribution targets that have been set.

Ganga Maa Charitable Trust is a part of Maa Kaamal Women Welfare Foundation alternatively known as Maa Kaamal Foundation which is the women empowering organization working for the welfare of girl children, Adolescents and to support illiterate tribal women, widows, single mothers, and separated women by supporting them with legal advice, facilitating skilled training, then after providing employment or making them self-dependent through becoming parts of self-health groups.

Ganga Maa Charitable Trust was founded on November 2, 2012.

The trust is registered with the office of the Asst. Charity Commissioner Surat, Gujarat with reg. number E- 7312.

Shri Laljibhai Ramjibhai Jitiya is a president-trusty.

Dr Anilkesar Mangabhai Gohil, Jerambhai Becharbhai Sosa, Vinodbhai Amrutbhai Vaghela, Anilbhai Balavantbhai Vaghela, Ratanben Nanjibhai Jitiya, and Jesinh Jethabhai Vaghela are the member trustees.