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Maa Kaamal Cancer Care and Research is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to the rehabilitation and palliative care of cancer patients, utilizing the principles of Panchgavya. Since its establishment in 2010, this center has been providing comprehensive care to individuals at all stages and types of cancer. The center adopts an integrated approach, combining modern medicine with Naturopathy, Yogic science, Ayurveda, Diet science (Please suggest a suitable name), and lifestyle modifications. Leading the center is Dr. Anilkesar, an esteemed Onco-naturopath, who oversees the provision of expert care to patients.

What is Holistic Panchgavya Cancer Treatment?

Holistic means “Over all”. This method of treatment is dealing with Soul, Mind, Emotions and finally Body. It is one of the best non invasive treatments helping patient to recover from the physical illness. Uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells is prevented and further damage is stopped with this miraculous therapy. Pranayam, Counselling, Panchgavya, Antioxidant diet and anti cancer herbs are used to heal the patient. Motive of this therapy is to provide palliative care to the cancer patient.

Benefits of this treatment:

  • It naturally repair cancer cells and stops further spreading.
  • It has no side effect.
  • It is affordable treatment.
  • Chances of recurrence of cancer reduces at great extent.

Principles of Holistic Panchgavya Therapy?

Cleansing of Soul with the mean of Spirituality
Mann chikitsa and Prann chikitsa for Emotional and Mental causes
Amrut Chikitsa for Physical illness

How this therapy is better than allopathic treatment of Cancer?

Chemotherapy, Radio therapy and surgical removal of cancer tumor are common allopathic treatments of cancer which are definitely very effective in modern practice of medical science but there are following limitations of these therapies.
  • Cost is unaffordable to average Indian.
  • Severe side effects.
  • Possibilities of recurrence (Regeneration of Cancer).
  • Treatment of cancer leads new form of cancer in future.
Due to these limitations the Holistic Panchgavya Cancer Treatment has an edge over allopathic treatment.
For More information of the Hospital Contact to Chief Medical Officer Dr. Yogendra Gohil Mobile No. 94088 06633 or our Facebook page from

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Why Maa Kaamal Cancer Hospital?

Maa Kaamal Cancer hospital is only Holistic Cancer Care unit of Gujarat offering services with scientific methodology. Treatment is provided through qualified holistic therapists. The therapy is designed by Dr. Anilkesar Gohil who is ideologist, comprehensive evaluator and intellectually devotee to spirituality. The concept is having 3 elements viz. Prann Chikitsa, Mann Chikitsa and Amrut Chikitsa.

During his stay at hospital cancer patient will learn to propel cancer from the body through various detoxification means like pranayam, diet modification and consumption of Panchagavya anticancer Ayurvedic herbs.




Maa Kaamal Cancer Hospital is non profit making organization offering their social services under influence and spiritual force of Almighty Maa Kaamal Bhavani. We do not ask for donation from the society, Patients availing treatment and getting benefited may offer the administrative cost as per their capacities. We do not expect anything from anyone, except Bhagawati Maa Kaamal Bhavani.
It is compulsory to stay for 10 days in hospital to avail treatment

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Patient Reviews
Davae ka asar ho raha hai, Thanks Maa Kaamal.

Damyantiben, Surat

My name is Chhaganbhai kalidasbhai Patel. I am from Ankleshwar, Bharuch. I am suffering from throat cancer which is spread in backbone slowly slowly. I’m taking treatment from MAA KAAMAL hospital since 23rd November, 2016. I feel that I recover 15 to 25% in my disease. In starting, I was unable to move my legs and could not walk. Today I can walk slowly slowly with help of stick.

Chhaganbhai Kalidasbhai patel, Ankleshwar, Bharuch

My name is kailasben Prajapati. I am from Maharastra. I am suffering from cancer since last three year. I feel better after taking this medicine.

kailashben Prajapati, Maharastra

I was diagnosed with cancer in inner part of nose five year ago and I have done operation one time. But after one year, again I am suffering from cancer. At this time I am starting Panchgavya therapy treatment. With this treatment, I feel better.

Madhuben Sureshbhai, Amroli

Hi I am Alka,

I simply want to thank Maa Kaamal to make my life wonderful.

Maa Kaamal gave me opportunity to stand on my own feet. I have completed my nursing from Maa Kaamal in 2014 and since 2015 I am working in 108 Emergency Services. My Father is so proud on me and it's  just because of Maa Kaamal.

Again, Thank you..

Alka Tadvi

How to get appointment?

Interested patients may book appointment from Hospital helpline number 261-6596596 or call administrator Ms. Sneha Varia Mob: 7383026099. You may fill up following details if you want us to call you back.

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