Nursing Education

Nursing Education Nursing Education


Discover Excellence in Nursing Education at Maa Kaamal Medical Center

🌟 Nursing Education Experts: With years of experience, we specialize in providing top-notch nursing education programs.

📚 Vocational Training: Our programs are designed to equip you with practical skills for a successful career in nursing, ensuring 100% job placement.

🎓 Accredited Institute: We are an authorized vocational institute under the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

🌍 Wide Network: As facilitation centres, we offer comprehensive support, including counselling, training, coaching, and assistance for competitive exams and overseas studies.

💡 Innovation in Learning: We lead the way with digital learning methods, ensuring a modern and engaging educational experience.

💼 Strong Industry Connections: Our extensive network of 750+ hospitals and healthcare setups guarantees valuable clinical training and recruitment opportunities.

💰 Financial Support: Avail scholarships, free bus passes, and state-of-the-art hostel facilities, making quality education accessible to all.

🏆 Competitive Exam Coaching: We are proud to be the only institute providing continuous coaching until you secure your dream government nursing job.

✨ Value-based Education: Our qualified and dedicated faculty fosters values and imparts practical knowledge using cutting-edge audio-visual techniques.

🌟 Holistic Growth: At Maa Kaamal Medical Center, we believe in shaping successful lives and empowering you both personally and professionally.

Join us on this incredible journey of nursing excellence and unlock your true potential. Experience the Maa Kaamal difference today! Summarising
  • 18+ years of dedicated service to society
  • 7500+ successful students launched into their professional lives
  • 750+ employer healthcare setups for internships and job placements
  • A team of 50+ dedicated professionals at your service
  • Over 150 passionate volunteers supporting our cause
  • 10+ organization-supported facilitation centres for guidance and assistance
  • Collaborations with 15+ prestigious schools offering diverse nursing programs
Experience our exceptional nursing education and be part of our success story.  
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National Institute of Open Schooling (Vocational Department)


National Council for Vocational Training, Government of India


Healthcare Sector Skill Council, NSDC,Government of India


Association of Nursing Assistant - ANA

Bharat Sevak Samaj, Vocational Education, Gov. of India


Association Of Nursing Assistance

Association Of Nursing Assistance (ANA)

Empowering the Nursing Community !

ANA, a branch of Maa Kaamal Foundation, is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of nursing professionals and offering them invaluable placement services. Since its establishment in 2005, ANA has been tirelessly working for the welfare of the Nursing Assistant Community.

As a member of ANA, you gain access to our exceptional 365-day placement services, connecting you with various hospitals for rewarding career opportunities. We understand the importance of a secure and fulfilling job, and our team is committed to assisting you in finding the perfect placement.

In addition, ANA provides reliable legal advice and support tailored specifically to the nursing profession. Our team of professionals is here to guide you through any legal matters or concerns you may encounter, ensuring your peace of mind as you pursue your nursing career.

Join ANA today and experience the benefits of being part of a thriving nursing community. Take the next step towards a brighter future with ANA by your side!

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Nurse Pledge at Maa Kaamal Foundation

At Maa Kaamal Foundation, we embrace the Nurse Pledge, envisioned by our founder, Dr. Anilkesar. Our students wholeheartedly embody these principles in their personal and professional lives, making our organization a beacon of values and our nurses versatile professionals.