Maa Nu Ghar – Second Childhood Home

Who don’t love their Mother?

In today’s busy life, when husband and wife both are doing jobs then sometimes it is not possible to take care of your mother in certain circumstances.“MAA NU GHAR” is a project initiated to overcome such problems where she will be taken care under an observation of female assistant and doctors.

“MAA NU GHAR” is not an “old age home”. We call it a “second childhood home” which is away from your home and built in natural environment.


  • General hall is available to stay here. At present we have facility for accommodation of 10 Mothers
  • Female assistant is available 24 hours who will help them in their day to day activities.
  • Doctors available for medical treatment.
  • Residence with Maa Kaamal Bhavani temple and natural atmosphere.
  • Experience of staying with same age sisters
  • Group activity, Yoga, Meditation, Satsang, Aesthetic activities, etc.

Mothers who have their families need to pay regular fees. There are no charges for orphan-abandoned mothers. Our doors are open for 24 hours free of charge.